Tax Office information


One simple question, is there a tax office information for the company and for the clients ?
I need them to be printed in the invoices.

Maybe create custom fields for this on /settings/invoice_settings

Do you consider adding it as a standard company and client field in a future release ?

Do you use the VAT Number field as well, maybe we can solve this by making the label configurable?

In Greece (and some other countries as far as i know) it is obligatory to have noted in each invoice the tax number AND the tax office as well.

Thanks for the info!

Are you using the VAT Number field or is it left blank?

I use the VAT number as well, but i need also the Tax Office, because otherwise the invoice is not valid.
So I can’t use InvoiceNinja if i don’t have the Tax Office written in the issued invoice.

Are you able to use custom fields?

Yes i can use custom fields, but its not the same.
For me it would be even better if i i could use a dropdoawn menu to sellect the tax office of my company (one time selection) and of the client’s, since in Greece there is a limited number of Tax Offices around the country.
This would help me to insert them one time in the system and then select from the list for each client. Many mistakes in the name of the Tax Offices would been avoided this way.

Have you tried using a custom field, assuming you don’t need them for other values they work better than standard fields in that they’re searchable.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider it for a future release.