Tasks in Client Portal

When I create a task, the customer is not able to see it in the portal. I understand that once it’s invoiced, then it is removed from the customer portal. When do tasks go to the client portal and when are they removed?

You can edit the client to enable them to see their tasks in the portal.

I did that, but it’s not showing up. The tasks tab is there, just the tasks are missing.

Hmm… in that case I’m not sure I’ll be able to help. I’ve checked the code, it should show non-deleted tasks which haven’t yet been invoiced.

This is what I am seeing. I have attached a list of tasks and their status as well as the portal as I can see it from my admin view.

How are you testing? It’s important to use a different browser or incognito mode and access the client portal using the client’s link, either from the client overview page or the edit invoice page.

Just tried that. Same issue. I don’t think I mentioned this is self-hosted.

Sorry, not sure… I’m assuming you’re using the latest version.

Yes. 4.5.19 is the version I am on

Sorry, I don’t have an answer. You can file a bug on the GitHub repo but we’re currently working on re-implementing this functionality in v5.

Is version 5 production ready?

Not yet, hopefully in a few months

Ok Thank You. I really love the platform

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