Task report: show task amount

Dear InvoiceNina Team
First of all, thank you very much for this great software and your support here - I believe you deserve a thank you every now and then for your hard work :wink:

Today I’ve got a question regarding the task reports. By the end of the year, my clients prefer to get a report on the worked hours, but as the project is continuing in the new year, not yet an invoice.
As far as I can see, it’s not possible to generate a nicely designed PDF, but I’d expect that it’s possible to generate such a report using the report tab.
Under “clients → tasks” it’s possible to not display already invoiced tasks, whereas that’s not possible under “reports → tasks”.

Both under “clients → tasks” and “reports → tasks” a column “calculated rate” is available (that’s either the standard rate or the project rate), but the column “rate” itself stays empty. I can’t find a column that shows the actual task amount though, i.e. duration * calculated rate.

Am I missing something? Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll look into adding it.

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