Task Improvements?

Are you guys going to improve the task feature? It’s not very friendly or easy to use. Takes a long time to enter tasks and you have to spend a lot of time clicking to get things done. The task list is not easy to read and you have to go to multiple places to edit/view. It assigns status’ to tasks that are incorrect and you can’t change them. It’s a real nightmare to try to use it when you have big projects with lots of tasks. I can’t even imagine how time consuming it would be if you had 20+ tasks. It’s much easier just to use a spreadsheet.

Our plan is to continuously improve all parts of the app, the catch is we’re an extremely small development team so it may take some time for every part to be great.

Have you tried using the time tracker? You may want to upvote this issue on GitHub.


Can you clarify “It assigns status’ to tasks that are incorrect and you can’t change them”, is this a bug you can replicate?

  1. You can’t edit the status. When I create a task and enter manual time, the status is set to “Logged”. This isn’t really a status and I can’t change it. Logged doesn’t appear in the filter on the Tasks page, so I can’t even filter on these. There doesn’t appear to be anywhere to change the status of a task.

  2. From the Tasks page, I can’t click on the task to edit it. I have to click the “Select” and Edit Task. Too many clicks.

  3. There is no Task name, subject or title. Only a description.

  4. When entering a new Task, there is no “Save & Create Another” button. Forced to double-click to create a new task.

  5. Whenever you’re listing the tasks, the Description is too short. You have a lot of cell padding, but seeing more of the description on the screen is more important than 10px top and bottom in padding.

Really, on the tasks page, you should be using a grid control with inline editing enabled. This would allow the person to add/edit/delete tasks in rapid succession. There should also be a Bulk Editor capability so you can select multiple task to add to invoice, change status, change project, change client, clone task, delete, etc.

  1. ‘Logged’ is the default status but you can define your own list of statuses using the kanban board. Once the statuses are set you can set them on /tasks

  2. You should be able to click the date to edit the task.

  3. In our latest version we’ve added custom task fields.

  4. That’s true, it’s possible we’d add it in the future but we’re generally very reluctant to add additional buttons in the UI.

  5. If you hover the field you can see the full value.

Agreed, it’s just non-trivial to implement. We’ll keep it in mind for the future.