Task Import and task quoting

Hi Can someone guide me for the self hosted version.

  1. How to import Bulk TASK according to the field set in the task table including custom field. this required specially for backlog data entry. One by One entry for a lot of data is not feasible.
  2. Add tasks directly to Quote similar to “Invoice Task” or “Add to Invoice” - “Quote Task” or “Add to Quote”
  3. for the Report, in the Quote report, if "Custom 1 " added, couldn’t find related modifiable field in the settings.


  1. The React web app supports importing tasks as CSV, we’ll add it to the Flutter app as well
  2. This isn’t supported, feel free to create an issue to request it: Issues · invoiceninja/invoiceninja · GitHub
  3. The invoice and quote custom fields are shared

@hillel I checked self hosted version 5.7.62 and 5.7.63… after change to REACT, White screen come. any suggestion to solve REACT issue?

I liked the REACT web demo and the interface will full fill my purpose. but needed in self hosted environment.

You can run this SQL query to change back:

UPDATE accounts SET set_react_as_default_ap = 0;

Changing back is not the issue…how the react web app can be run? any issue with version?

as mentioned need the same interface as react web app in the self hosted.

We’re working on making it possible to setup the React app on its own.

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Hi @hillel and @david thanks a lot for your hard work. in the recent updates many things solved. Can you please make a update I am mentioning here?

  1. If you see the pictures I shared. I added 4 custom field in Task. In the Task Import Menu those 4 task can not be mapped . Its showing TASK-CUSTOM FIELD 1~4 and data is not importing on those field. Can you link and mark those field like 1~4? Same issue in REACT as well as your hosted version also.
  2. Can you have option for manual task counting like Service Start date and Service End date , but the Duration I would like to have as QUANTITY rather than actual time.
  3. Export for any item, Can you add a Direct download option rather than emailing every time?

I cannot recreate the issue with custom values, in the react application it is working as expected for me.

With the react interface, you can export tasks directly

The duration is a proxy for quantity (hours)

Hi @david

same issue in react as well. marked 4 value is the issue. If this 4 values can be mapped with the task 4 customs value, the problem solved.

Yes those are just typos. I have fixed this in the next release