Taking orders from new clients

I’d like to use self hosted invoice ninja to take orders from prospects but when I create a pay now button it doesn’t ask for their details.

Is it possible to do this at all…¿

For example, I’d like them to input their own name and contact details and I’d also like to add a custom field “domain name” so they can insert the domain name they’d like to be tied to their account.

By default it should ask for their details once they click ‘Pay Now’, you can configure the buy now link to take the client directly to the payment page.

In our latest version clients can update their info but we don’t support custom fields. Feel free to create an issue/feature request on our GitHub repo.

Thanks Bill

I tested with a free product and it simply went to the invoice page with an option to download the invoice.

How does this system work then…?

User clicks button created
They pay
Once paid they come back to my billing platform and complete their details…?

If it’s a free product the app won’t show the ‘Pay Now’ button so your client won’t be able to enter their details.

Thanks Hillel

If it’s paid at what stage are user details requested…?

I’m not sure I understand, the app requests the details in order to enter the payment.

My workaround:

  1. Offer a full refund once the order is placed
  2. Put product price @ .01