Tailscale plus IN?

Wondering if anyone is using tailscale with IN to expose the client portal?

I am behind a cgnat but can still generally email invoices and we do not currently accept electronic payments…but was curious as it may be neat to actually make use of the client portal functionality on my self hosted instance.



Sorry, I don’t have any experience with it.

Why would you need to expose client portal through tailscale? Is it on your home machine or something?

Well, I did post this in the self hosted section of the forum so you can assume that yes I self host. I also stated I am behind a CGNAT…

thanks for pointing out, however, this is not why I asked about it.
Some people selfhost on home machines, because they think it is cheaper this way. Therefore - problems with nats, isps, tailscale to do this.
When in reality you can pay $5 to AWS Lightsail or Digital Ocean, do the same selfhosted setup and not mess with any tunneling issues.
That is unless you are in China, Russia, Iraq and other similar countries.

Fair point and sorry previous reply was a bit snarky. I enjoy doing the self hosting stuff. I left my career in IT almost 2 years ago to help my wife run our horse farm and business full-time so this sort of stuff is fun for me. Not too many Small farms can say they are running their own services lol

Moving away from QuickBooks and some of the associated charges is saving us about $100 a month. The unraid Server I am hosting this and other things on was built completely from old gaming PC parts or parts salvaged from previous jobs that would’ve been scrapped, so it really only cost here is electricity. And I even spent stupid amounts of time tweaking machine to run as efficiently as possible lol I don’t consider my time as an expense as I said, it’s something fun that I enjoy, and can feel even more self-sufficient about.

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You might want to consider DMZ for your publicly accessible services then

It’s not possible, unfortunately behind a cellular CGNAT. There are ways using services like reverse proxy, etc… I just haven’t dived into them yet and was curious if anyone has specifically worked with any of these methods here for IN.

OK, I’ve educated myself on terminology of cgnat. Thank you :slight_smile:
Looks like without having an outside machine, easily accessible to clients and acting as a proxy this would be hard. But the tails ale seems to be the correct solution. But then why not just run the invoice ninja on the same machine outside.
Or get starlink :slight_smile:

Starlink uses cgnat also and is many many times the cost of what I use currently. It’s all good, there are ways to do this with some work was just wondering if anyone had already done it with IN. Use of the client portal is not a requirement of ours, and I knew this limitation of my situation before going to self hosted route. I may, or may not dig into it. I just read many other cases of people using different tools behind CGNAT To expose services.