System sent Mails not arriving, but User sent Mails work


However, if I only set the SMTP settings in the IN app and remove everything that has to do with mail from the ENV file, then system notifications such as the verification of a new user or the automatic sending of invoices are sent as, and not from the address that I have defined in the IN app.
This only works for invoices or offers that I send to a customer myself. there it works without any problems. but I would like the emails sent by the system to also be taken into account by these IN settings.
am i the only one who has this problem? i have tried many variations and each time i have recreated the container and cleared the cache.

@david any thoughts?


I’ll tag another release which does have a change around the the From name calculation. Please update if the issue persists.

My first comment :wink:
I have the same issue.
Manual sending with env settings works fine - Recurring Invoice sending fails.

When I changed the mailsettings to “Settings-E-Mail-SMTP” and insert all data here,
my “FROM” email address is used from my user-account.
The mailserver is rejecting this MAIL-FROM Name:

553 5.7.1 Sender address rejected: not owned by user rechnung@***;

How we can solve this issue?

@andi_d Are you using the flutter front end or react? I believe the issue may be that the SMTP config in the flutter application is missing the from email field

Yes. Now it works.
I haven’t realized the differences between react and flutter app.
Thank you :slight_smile: :partying_face: