System sends invoice header incorrectly. 😱

Form some reason the system emails incorrectly the email head and inserts “new invoice from customer name” instead of “New invoice from our company name”:
Not sure why this happens. We have filled out our company details in the main settings and then filled out the client details in Client settings:
added their company address etc. But when you done that; Invoice Ninja will generate the invoice as it was from them.

Maybe I missed something and misunderstood the concept? :woozy_face: :blush:

Thanks in advance
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I think you may have overridden the company details for the clients, you need to click edit on the client to set the client details. I think you may have clicked settings on the client.

Yes i clicked on the → client → settings → and I thought that was client specific. So i entered the clients name, address etc and boom! System then generates the invoice and sends it as they are the sender of it. I don’t really understand the idea of this. Maybe you could explain please`?

I mean you already have entered your company name and details in the main settings so why this and why would you ever enter your company details again in this section?

Thanks in advance.
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Instead of clicking ‘Settings’ you want to click ‘Edit’ to set the client details.

You’ll need to clear the values you set on Settings > Company Details for the client, they’ll override the default company values.

Right I done that. Thank you.
But what is the idea concept behind this setting in the first place, (I’m trying to understand it)?
It is a bit confusing too, especially for a new user which is why I fell for it I suppose.

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Most settings in the app can be configured at the company, group or client level. This provides a high level of customization, for example:

  • Override any setting for an individual client

  • Create multiple sub-companies by setting different company details for each group

  • Support multiple languages by creating email templates for each language

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