System not registering views via Client Portal

If a contact that wasn’t marked as recipient at the document creation stage, access this document through Client Portal - system doesn’t change the document status to “Viewed”. It remains in “Sent” status.
View not registered

Any workaround for this?


@david any thoughts?

How are you accessing the system? If you are logging in via the admin links, it will not register.

You will need to open incognito browsers, log in as the contact (not use any of the links from the admin portal) and then you’ll see the system register these events.

That is exactly what I did - two different browser windows (bottom) in incognito mode, I didn’t include the whole window arrangement in the screen capture.
Going to the http://siteaddress/client in both windows and entering separate contact credentials for each. Non of them are admins or any sort of users in the backend.

I can repeat the screen capture to include this if you’d like.

I’ve retested and cannot recreate this.

strange, I’ll record it all the way then and post tomorrow.

I’ve recoreded a “full version”, I had to blur out a lot, since it’s a production env. Sorry if it’s distracting, all the important bits are there. File didn’t fit in the size limit here, so I uploaded to a sharing service.

I’ve compressed it down with good enough quality to read the text.