[Suggestion] Improve the UX of Task Time Tracking

Overall the Tasks system is pretty good and very powerful with the time tracking however in order to track time it requires a lot of steps that in my opinion are excessive.

Process Right Now:

  1. Go to Tasks
  2. Click the timestamp of an entry (or choose edit from hidden drop down menu; which is worse)
  3. Click Resume

My Suggestion:
Save a lot of time by eliminating Step #2 by putting the Start/Resume and Stop buttons on the task list index.

improved UX for managing time tracking of tasks

Thanks for the suggestion!

We’ll add the options to the actions dropdown list. The UI as shown wouldn’t work because the action dropdown is displayed when hovering over the row.

I would prefer it to not rely on the drop down but that drop down is an improvement to the current process so I’ll take it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the consideration.