Subtotal after surcharges

How can i add an additional subtotal that includes all the surcharges in the invoice ?


You can add additional subtotal fields on Settings > Invoice Design > Total Fields

I have two Subtotals now. Every time I reorder one of them, the other one moves to the bottom under Outstanding. Also I want the second Subtotal to be the sum of Subtotal and all the Surcharges.

I’ll try to replicate this

Sure lmk if you need more details.

I was able to replicate the problem and have checked in a fix, thanks for reporting it!

Will updating to the latest version pull the fix ? Latest version available is 5.3.10.
Does it also include sum of surcharges ?

It should be in this release or the next one

Sorry for the bump. When can I expect the release ?

This should be in the latest available release