Subscription webhook and series of triggers

Hi @david/@hillel,

We are using subscription feature with a webhook. When webhook triggered first time, we received a request with [“context”: “is_eligible”]. We assumed that it will be a single request. But when we sent a response back, we got another request with [“context”: “plan_paid”]. So we would like to know all sequence of events which triggers a webhook.

For ex.
1st event : is_eligible
2nd event : plan_paid
3rd event : ??
4th event : ??

Last event : ??

Here is a sample request that we received.

“body”: {
“context”: “plan_paid”,
“subscription”: “kQBexxxxxx”,
“recurring_invoice”: null,
“client”: “Vyb8xxxxxx”,
“contact”: “9wdLxxxxxx”,
“invoice”: “1aKrxxxxxx”,
“account_key”: null,
“db”: “db-ninja-01”

Thanks in advance.