Subcription Botton not working

Hia ll,

the subcription botton not working. nothing appen when my costumer clic on that.

Could you help me ?



Thanks for reporting this!

@david any ideas?

Can you tell me which subscription button the user is pressing?

What happens when you go to the purchase page?

Nothing lol, no submenu, no popup, no errer message, nothing

It may help to show a screenshot of the webpage including the URl, i’m still not able to follow.

This is the link

But the login form dont work too :frowning:

If I clic on Credit card botton, nothing…

I see the issue.

@ben the livewire.js path is defined relative and users who install in a subdir will have a problem with relative paths.

Thanks for submitting this. I’ve added it to my to-do & will post any updates here.

I’ve merged some fixes regarding this. Please wait for the next update & let us know.


Same error : 500 | Server Error

@ben, we will need to document the ASSETS_URL fix for shared hosting users.

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