Stuck between v4 and v5

I have used Invoice Ninja for years without a problem. I followed the instructions to restore v4 with zero success. I went to Account Management, Forward Customer to v5 and clicked Disable Forwarding.

v4 Says: V4 is now disabled for your account.

And v5 is missing a year’s worth of invoices. Also v4 shows my plan as FREE even though I am paid up through November 2022. So you have my money but I can’t use your product.


Are new invoices or old invoices missing from v5?

Maybe you need to adjust the years of data to load on Settings > User Details.

I received instructions to force Migration and that worked! Thanks for your help. One last thing needs correction. I am paid up through November 2022 but v5 shows my plan as FREE. Once that is corrected all is good. Thanks for your help and customer service.

Glad to hear it! Please send an email to and we’ll upgrade your v5 account.

All is good, thanks for your help.