Stripe Webhook - Supported Events

So, the supported events for the Stripe gateway are only:

  • charge.succeeded
  • source.chargeable

I found this thread where you said it should be:

  • charge.failed
  • charge.succeeded
  • charge.refunded
  • customer.source.updated
  • customer.source.deleted
  • source.chargeable

Just wondering which one is right.

Also, when I hit “Import Customers” it does nothin’, I dont see anything wrong in the logs.

The first list is for v5, the second list was for v4.

@david any suggestions to debug import customers?

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It seems to be importing the customers. When I go to the “clients” tab, they show up there, idk if it’s the right behaviour but in the Stripe gateway settings, it says I have no clients, so it seems to be importing only to the customers tab.

It says “none” there

Are the imported clients the ones with the blank numbers?

Does it help to refresh the data on Settings > Device Settings?


In the gateway page are you counting clients by the number of client gateway tokens or something else?

It appears the import function is working, it is just the descrepancy in the reported number of stripe customers?


The app checks for the number of clients who have a gateway_token with a matching company_gateway_id.

Yes, they are. So, if I got it right, the “Customers” tab should show all customers and the “customers” section in the payment gateway page, should show only the customers for that gateway, right?

Yes, that is correct

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Hello, for v5, still only charge.succeeded and source.chargeable? I can see
$supportedEvents = [
in /app/Ninja/PaymentDrivers/StripePaymentDriver.php