Stripe User Profile

When setting up Stripe, it requires a website address. It says

No website? You can share your profile from Invoice Ninja LLC or a professional social media profile.

I am unable to find link to share my profile from Invoice Ninja. I have a free account, if that makes a difference.



@david can you please advise?


I think this would require our users to have a public profile that Stripe could review. I believe this is part of their setup checks to see if the account is valid.

Is there currently a way to have a public profile to satisfy this requirement? I don’t have any social media accounts (strange in this day in age, I know lol), and I don’t intend on setting one up just for Stripe.

Also, I entered my SIN as they requested for validation, so I don’t think that it is for account validation. I could be wrong, though.

It seems to me that it was so customers have access to a public profile, since you can send invoices directly from Stripe.

An unnecessary requirement when linking Stripe to another service when you are just using it as a payment gateway and not using any of their other features (like sending invoices or managing customers), imo. Since it asks for your SIN or other validation method.