Stripe Stopped Working for Payments

When clients go to Pay with Credit Card they get this screen.

I’ve tested it myself and it’s just not working. However, The Keys must be working because I can still Verify Customers.


Are there any errors in the browser console?

Uncaught IntegrationError: Please call Stripe() with your publishable key. You used an empty string.
at l (v3/:1:139030)
at new e (v3/:1:364159)
at Uc (v3/:1:403012)
at l.setupStripe (stripe-credit-card-af3a9013.js:9:156)
at l.handle (stripe-credit-card-af3a9013.js:9:2808)
at stripe-credit-card-af3a9013.js:9:4328

There’s definitely a key in the settings though.

@david do you have any suggestions?

@david Do you have anything to suggest?

I just had a thought and successfully got Stripe to work by starting a NEW gateway. But the existing one that ported over from Hosted to self-hosted stopped working. I preferred using that one because it was carrying the ongoing totals.

The stripe implementations are different between hosted and self hosted. You would need to create a new gateway with the apikey combination, and then use the import customers button to sync payment methods to your new installation.

Thanks, that’s what I’ve done. Is this documented anywhere? I couldn’t find it.