Stripe - PCI Compliance

We use the standard Invoice Ninja platform and integrate payments through stripe. After 20 transactions, the stripe platform suggests that a SAQ A-EP form needs to be completed (huge) since Stripe.js v2 is being used. Is this something other have come up against and able to offer any advise?

There’s a related discussion here

Bumping this topic to the top as it’s a major concern for users integrating InvoiceNinja with Stripe.
Can there be a toggle so we can take advantage of Stripe API v3 if we are not using features such as ACH? Many users would appreciate being able to complete the simplified SAQ-A with 22 questions, as opposed to the SAQ-A-EP with over 100 questions.

If it’s currently in the works to support Stripe API v3, would the developer be able to share the ETA and roadmap to implementing this feature? Thanks in advance.

Sorry, our policy is generally not to share ETA for future features.

If you’d like to see it implemented sooner we gladly accept pull requests :slight_smile: