Stripe issue with timing, looking for suggestions

The essence of the issues is a timing issue. If they pay online, they are waiting until the due date… then paying via ach which is taking up to 6-7 days to clear and hit my account We’ve had instances where it’s taken longer.

However, invoice ninja shows it as paid. So we’ve covered a big payment for licensing for this client and i’ve paid for the labor costs associated, but their money isn’t hitting until days or a few weeks later.

I disagree it should be marked paid to the customer and to me before it has cleared and stripe is sending the funds to my bank. Can I change this behavior in settings?


@david any thoughts, maybe we can add a pending status?

ACH payments are in a pending status until confirmed by stripe

and they may be… if the funds aren’t to me it should be considered late (and fees apply) until I get the funds or at least stripe has received the funds. may not be able to code to that, i haven’t looked at their api in a long time.

We put most of our monthly agreements on net 15, so if they pay on the 15th day, can be almost 25 days out before i get the funds.

really just checking to see if there were any settings I could use, like a ach due date that is calculated differently. I looked and didn’t see anything.


That is a good point with delayed payments. Until they have cleared they should be considered late.

We don’t have this particular logic in place yet, but we can add it to the roadmap.

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