Stripe Integration

We are giving Invoice Ninja a trial for managing invoices for services we are offering. In addition, we are using Stripe to do the online payment processing. Everything seems to be working as expected, except one integration item between IN and Stripe. It appears that whenever an invoice is created in IN and payment is made, IN creates a new customer in Stripe using the invoice number. So multiple invoices to the same IN client creates multiple Stripe customers, one for each invoice generated from IN. We anticipate this making reconciling between Stripe and IN manual and tedious.

I’ve tried making sure that the IN clients and Stripe customer have the same emails but that doesn’t seem to work.

Hopefully I’m missing something to make this work but is there a way to get IN to match it’s clients with Stripe customers to keep payments associated with the appropriate client/customer?

If it matters, we are doing a self-hosting IN.

I believe this is a duplicate of:

We ran into this problem and basically wrote a cron script to pull the Stripe Customer ID from IN, match that to the Stripe Customer and fix the Stripe profiles so they show the information we want them to show. The script runs daily. If we archive a customer in IN then it automatically fixes the Stripe profile.

I believe there is a future upgrade planned to improve the IN <—> STRIPE information exchange to make it “prettier”.

It looks like if a client chooses to pay with their card on file it will reference the same customer in Stripe, however if they enter new card details it will create a new customer.

I believe this PR will fix the problem, we’ll plan to include it in a future release.