Strange Totals Bug on Invoice

Hi Guys,

This seems it might be a rounding bug issue but I don’t see why since its just doing addition and in my example below they are not at a rounding number. The Total value on my invoice is not correctly adding all the line item totals. It is out by 0.01, the cents part should be .89 and not .88, and this is only happening on some invoices.



@david any thoughts?


Can you share a full screenshot so we can write a test for calculations please.

Hi @david, sorry for the delay in getting back here.
I have experienced the same bug again on another invoice this week.
Here is the full screen shot.
The Sub Total, and subsequent Total in the Invoice editing areas are incorrect, off by a few cents.
The line item calculations are correct though.

The weird thing is that on the generated PDF invoice, the Sub Total and Total don’t match totals in the Invoice editing area, however the PDF invoice is actually displaying the correct totals.
How is this possible?


The front end and backend perform their own calculations, hence why you may be seeing a variance between the two.

whenever the precision of the values in the invoice go beyond the currency precision, these types of edge cases can occur.