Strange issue upgrading

Hi Guys,

Am trying to upgrade from 5.14 to .18 cause suddenly I am experiencing a 500 error when trying to turn a task into an invoice. I also experienced some errors from Zapier saying:

Invoice Ninja: request to failed, reason: certificate has expired

So in trying to upgrade I checked if bactracking from PHP7.3 to 7.2 would fix anything, it didn’t.
I then followed the instruction to just overwrite and did this in a slow process via FTP upload and overwrite.
Then what happens is a 403 and not found and forbidden on the root path to the site. The .env file is there and correct.
When I attempt to go to the update link, same error and when I restore the old file set all is fine, but 500 error persists and I have no idea why this suddenly started.

Anything you can suggest? Am ok with shell, but I don’t do it very often so not full of confidence to run the update script there.

Are there any details about the 500 error in the web server error logs or in storage/logs/laravel-error.log

Ok, seems like an out of memory issue in laravel, but could have sworn I checked that earlier today and it was higher though likely user error.
I set it up 128M and now the 500 seems to have gone away.

But, is that related to the upgrading issue?
Seems like a 403 is a different error, but… am not an expert and its a bit late down here to test that tonight.

Thanks for your help.

Ok, I’ve managed to get it upgraded to .18

Now when I log in, clients are all still there, but random invoices and tasks are missing for no clear reason I can tell. Not sure if there is something I have to reset here, but it said the upgrade went fine and happened in seconds.

I’ve no idea how or why this has happened, I know self-hosted I’m fairly on my own, but if I can’t trust this thing not to wipe random content out of the database after many many hours to set this up, then it is curtains for Ninja and I’m going to have to go to a stable paid accounting system in the cloud and do it all again.


Are you claiming the app erased content from your database? It’s a pretty serious accusation… it would be the first time it’s happened in the 6 years since we’ve released the app.

I figured it out.
I’m not making accusations as you put it Hillel, its a support forum, no?