Stop emails from going to users?

We are running version 4.5.19 (White Labeled). When invoices are sent out I receive copies of all of them, the person who I have set up to send the invoices from and who manages receives them, and I found out today that someone on our accounting team is getting all of them just because she has an account where she can view invoices in the system.

There is no one set up to receive a “BCC” in the “Email Settings” and I can’t find anywhere else in the settings that enables us to turn on or off who is receiving invoices. Is there a way I can prevent this? I found another post that talked about how individual users can change notification settings individually, but I don’t see a way to do that on my account. Please advise.


Thank you.


Each user should see an option on Settings > User Details where they can choose between receiving emails for all records or just records they own.

Good Morning,

Unfortunately, I don’t see that as an option. I’ve attached a screen shot of what we see when we go to [Settings] [User Details] … there is no option to choose regarding emails. I had another user also check theirs (As I’m the owner and thought perhaps I am seeing something different), and she also sent me a screen shot that shows there is no option for her either.

Sorry, try Settings > Notifications

I found it there, thank you.

In searching on the backend database, am I correct that if I change the users table’s field “only_notify_owned” to 1 for the users, that would change the settings on their behalf for everyone?

UPDATE `users` SET `only_notify_owned` = 1;

We strongly advise against making manual changes to the database, if you do please make sure to make a backup.