Stop auto sending recurring invoices


Am I right to assume that I can disable automatic sending of recurring voices by not enabling “Auto Email
Enable” in the “Invoice Workflow”? If so what does the “Auto Bill” function in Recurring invoices do?

The thing is - we essentially want to have recurring invoices but we would like for the system to send us a reminder when the invoice is due to be sent and then we manually send it as opposed to just letting it automatically send it. Can this be achieved?

Also a side question - is it possible to set custom dates for recurring invoices - am I right to assume this can be achieved with due dates?

Thank you, BR

Ok nevermind I got the first part answered here -
Altho I still wonder about reminders - will we get an email when the recurring invoice is due to be sent?

Also the side question still stands :slight_smile:

Thank you, BR

The app doesn’t send notifications before the invoice is sent.

The due date/payment terms affects the recurring invoice due date, not when it’s sent.

Hmm so I guess I can [Feature Request] the reminders :slight_smile: