split $accountDetails

how can I split the $accountDetails in name etc ??
and how can i add them individual to the invoice with custom design
Where can i find explanation about variables ?
columns [2]
0 {2}
stack : $accountDetails
margin [4]
0 : 7
1 : 0
2 : 0
3 : 0

Here’s an example:

"stack": [
          {"text": "$account.name"},
          {"text": "$account.address1"}

Client fields are shown when clicking ‘Helpo’. You can see the account fields listed here. Note: you’d need to use camel case (ie, invoiceTerms).


Sorry for disturbing again how can i have two fields after eachother ? fe “$account.postalCode” “$account.City”
“columns”: [
“stack”: [
“$account.postalCode” “$account.postalCode”
“margin”: [

"stack": [
          {"text": ["$account.postalCode", " ", "$account.postalCode"]}


Hi Last question.
How can i get the custom fields of the invoice layout ?
in invoice settings i have custom fields
field company
IBAN number 1
IBAN number 2
It’s completely new for me

$customTextValue1 and $customTextValue2

Sorry for disturbing again
but in settings we can have two custom company fields. What are the variables to use ?
where can we find the list of variables ?
i need the two custom fields for company

$account.customLabel1 and $account.customValue1

How can i change the font for $account.name ?
i tried {$account.name,“bold”:“true”,fontsize=20} but doesn’t work
“stack”: [

"stack": [
          {"text": "TEST", "fontSize": 20},
          {"text": "$account.address1"}


how can i change the font of $account.address1 ? : {“text”: “$account.address1”, “fontSize”: 20} is not working
“stack”: [
{“text”: “TEST”, “fontSize”: 20},
{“text”: “$account.address1”, “fontSize”: 20}

It works in my test.

Be careful copy/pasting from this forum, the quotes in your comment are incorrect (“” vs "")

Hi, how can we add a table ?
Can you just explain how we have to convert the pdfmake documentation ?
are all properties available in invoiceninja ?
I am trying to make a table like the sample in the documentation

how do i have to translate this ?

  table: {
    // headers are automatically repeated if the table spans over multiple pages
    // you can declare how many rows should be treated as headers
    headerRows: 1,
    widths: [ '*', 'auto', 100, '*' ],

    body: [
      [ 'First', 'Second', 'Third', 'The last one' ],
      [ 'Value 1', 'Value 2', 'Value 3', 'Value 4' ],
      [ { text: 'Bold value', bold: true }, 'Val 2', 'Val 3', 'Val 4' ]

The only difference is making sure to enclose all field/values with double quotes.

Table is solved
are all properties in pdfmake available for invoiceninja ?

All properties in the Content/Styles/Defaults/Margins/Header/Footer sections are available.

Hi last question
how can i declare table that’s using full page width ?
now it seems to fit the columns

I think you just need a * in the column widths