[Solved] Unable to Migrate from v4.5.45 to v5.3.x - Can't find any errors

I have been attempting to migrate to the latest v5.3 on my self-hosted setup, but have run into a variety of issues in getting there. I’ve decided there’s not much else I can do on my own.

I’d like to have used a later version of v4.5, but it would appear the docker images are stuck at v4.5.45 due to issues on v4.5.46 (https://github.com/invoiceninja/dockerfiles/issues/416)

I have a functional v4.5.45 install and a visually functional v5.3.48 install.
I have recently transitioned to a Kubernetes setup, and do not have a cron container for v4.5.45, and so I’m just manually attaching a shell to the main invoice ninja container and running the php artisan queue:work command to process jobs. After having gone through the migration instructions and waiting a while, I have verified that within the “jobs” table in the database that there are no pending jobs, it’s completely empty, which would indicate that cron is running. I check the logs and see lines indicating that the migration steps have been run through, without any reported errors, but my new install is still empty.

Is there any known issues migrating from this version that I’m missing?

Any other advice to try and migrate?

Thank you for your help!

Okay, I’m a doofus.

I didn’t realize that I didn’t have the right company selected in the new site.

Thank you Invoice Ninja developers for making such an awesome app! It’s hugely appreciated!!

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