[SOLVED] Question: Invoice Design

How do we change items in the “blobs”?

For example I want to remove the “Paid to date” line in the invoice totals blob without having to reinvent the wheel.

Can this be done in the styles or body?

BTW the behaviour of the Paid to date line changed between v5.1.13 and 5.1.14. In 5.1.13 it displayed the total amount that a client had ever paid me (which I definitely do not want LOL) to zero in 5.1.14. I presume this was deliberate to show how much of an invoice has been paid? If not, I’ll report it as a bug as 5.1.15 is the same as 5.1.14


If the invoice is unpaid zero is the right amount.

In v5 you can adjust the fields shown in the totals section on Settings > Invoice Design > Total Fields (the last tab).

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Simple when you know how :rofl: