[SOLVED] PDF's are no longer created (error 404)

When I want to view a PDF of an invoice, I immediately receive the following error:

404: Not Found
Route does not exist

However, when switching to the react app, I can view the PDF’s again. That would be a workaround, but the react version isn’t finished, isn’t it?

How can I find out what is going on. The storage/logs/laravel.log shows nothing about the 404, but the nginx access log sees it:

“GET //client/invoice/0X1O2sGNj9mNR3EkteDEzD0aO8D4imop/download?t=1671367218639&t=1671367218639 HTTP/1.1” 404 65 […]


@david do you have any thoughts?

What has changed?

I do see two trailing slashes in that URL, perhaps that is the cause?

The React app is very close to feature parity.

This suddenly started 2 upgrades ago. Maybe three. I didn’t notice at first, otherwise I would have rolled back.

However, you might be right about the double slash. If I take the request URL that gives the 404 and rerun it in the browser, I get presented with a download windows for the PDF.

The question is now: where does that extra slash come from? It’s not from the APP_URL option in .env.

Are you using a custom client portal domain

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YES! That’s where the extra slash was set. In settings > client portal.

Thanks a lot!