Softaculous install on hosted server. 403 errors and "Whoops"

Hey Team,

I switched up to this software after a colleague recommended it. I used Softaculous provided by my web hosting service to install an instance of this on one of my subdomains “”.

Off the cuff I had to make permissions changes to the .htaccess file (644 to 755) in order to get to the login screen and am now getting intermittent 403 errors when viewing clients or quotes - this is fixed by logging out clearing cache and logging in.

Additionally, when I email a quote I am getting “whoops an error occured” however the email is still sending, being received and changing status to “sent”.

Where should I be looking to get info on how to fix this? Is there a log that is catching this erroneous behaviour?

The log file is storage/logs/laravel.log

I’d also suggest checking the .env file to ensure your settings are all correct.