Snappdf versions bloating installation size - can I delete?

I have been using the Softaculous app installer to upgrade Invoice Ninja V5. Recently I noticed that old versions of snappdf, found under root>vendor>beganovich>snappdf>versions>variousversions are bloating the overall installation size by over 1GB!
Can I simply delete all but the latest one (named in revision.txt)?
On a separate note, shouldn’t the installer clean up the old files… and are there other locations I should clean up after upgrades where files can simply accumulate unnecessarily?

Yes, they are safe to delete.
Directory in question contains local chrome installs used by snappdf to generate PDFs, they are not created by the invocie ninja upgrade process, and if you wish you can set your nginx to tell snappdf to skip further (more up to date) updates.
Add this to php location of the nginx config:

fastcgi_param SNAPPDF_SKIP_DOWNLOAD true;

Chances are if your PDFs are working well with your current formats, updates to chrome engine is not needed.

Edit: Another option is to setup a cronjob to simply empty the directory on the weekly / monthly basis. snappdf will automatically download the latest version when none is available which would add a few seconds to the first PDF / livepreview you generate after that (delay is similar to when ever it runs an update). You could spend the time to finetune the command to omit the directory in revision.txt, but why bother.