Snappdf still downloads new version each update

Each time I do an update from the upgrade/update button, I notice that snapppdf puts a new version in /vendor/bega…/snappdf/versions/ and doesn’t remove the old ones which take up space. I have to manually go in and delete all the older versions. Could this be added to the upgrade process to check and remove as needed?

For example, after the .96 upgrade I now have

1008063-Linux_x64 1008690-Linux_x64 1010819-Linux_x64


Perhaps we should only perform the download if it hasn’t been downloaded previously? And only reserve the --download option as an override?

in composer.json we have

        "post-update-cmd": [
            "vendor/bin/snappdf download"

which is downloading a new version each time, i would suggest we add a third parameter --force which will force download otherwise return early?