SMPT Not Working - Might have caused from update to v.5.3.80-C78

Hi there,

I apologies, I know this has been talked about many times and I have researched pass post with no luck. For some reason email function stopped working when I try to send out an invoice. I have confirmed the .env and all values are correct. Text below have been cleansed.


I believe they are being queued, how do I correct this and does it eventually send the email?

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I am having the very same problem. Commenting to ride on your coat tails, bolous.

Hopefully someone knows…



Have you seen the info here:

If you can share any errors you’re seeing in the logs it may help.

Hey Hillel,

Thanks for this. Everything seems to be set correctly and set to SMTP. The weird part is it was working beforehand.

The laravel shows no errors, and the System log does not even indicate an email tried to be sent out. I do have the QUEUE_CONNECTION=database set; I am just unsure how to check the database to see if emails are being queued on a cpanel shared hosting platform.

When I do send a test invoice via email, it tells me at the bottom of the page after I click send email, “Successfully queued quote to be sent”. So its safe to say its being queued? If so, why now, and is there a way to fix this?

Thank you kindly

Thanks for the details.

As a first step I suggest changing QUEUE_CONNECTION to sync. You may need to load /update?secret= or run php artisan optimize to recache the config. You can check the change was applied using the health check option in the about dialog in the app.

@hillel, that was it sir. I changed QUEUE_CONNECTION to sync and performed the /update secret and it did the trick. I had to resend the queued quotes but I am happy to report it worked out.

@ShaferRV as Hillel mentioned, if your logs are cleaned and if your SMTP info is setup correctly than the suggestion that @hillel did the trick.

Replace the QUEUE_CONNECTION=database with QUEUE_CONNECTION=sync and visits https://yourinvoicesite/update?secret=secret

Re-submit a test email and all should be well. Thank you @hillel


Thanks @hillel and @bolous :slight_smile:

that fed the bulldog.