Site Not Working on Subdomain

Good morning. Having an issue with the subdomain. Site loads and works fine from but does not load. Checked with the hosting provider and they provided this info. Please assist if possible.

Thank you for your update. I have verified your issue. However, I couldn’t find the reason for such a behaviour. As I said in my last response, there is no hint or error available in server logs regarding this issue.

I have also tried direct URL in redirection, but that also not working.

The only thing I found is, if you compare ‘script src=’ in page sources given below:

You can see that subdomain is showing ‘js/pdf.worker.min.js’ but direct URL shows ‘public/js/pdf.worker.min.js’. That means folder ‘public’ is not showing in subdomain, and it may be looking for location ‘public_html/invoice/js’ which is wrong and hence may be the issue. Unfortunately, I am not aware of it more as I am not a developer.

Please see if there is something inside script causing the issue. As there is no hint or error in server log, it is difficult to troubleshoot it more.

Any assistance appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Can you confirm that the APP_URL value in the .env file is correct?

Good morning @hillel - thanks for your reply. Value is set to Should I add a second line with As I said - works fine with

I don’t think the app will support both URLs, I think you’d need to choose one or the other.