Signature requests - variable signature field placement; multiple signers

I need to send various proposals of varying page quantities and signature boxes. What is the best way to do this? Sometimes it’s just one page with 1 signature box. Other times it’s 2 pages with 4 signature boxes and 2 signers (one per page). Is there some way to do this? I have not even been able to find how to adjust the placement of the signature field/box.


The app’s signature feature on Settings > Client Portal is designed for a single person to sign the quote/invoice.

If you want to simply include signature boxes where the invoice would be printed and signed that should be possible using a custom design.

How do I get to the design screen and add a signature field?

You can create a custom design by clicking “Customize & Preview” on Settings > Invoice Design

Yes but how do I place the signature field?

Sorry, I don’t have an example to provide