Signature does not "Show on PDF"


Signature on Quote process is working good, until i want to see it… it display with hover on contact side, but i thought “Show on PDF” can display it on the quote itself.

Did I missed a setting or a variable to add in template ?

Please help, my customers love this function so they can validate a quote away from their office but i need to have it on the printed quote.

Thanks (-:

Are you using a custom invoice design?

If yes you can click ‘help’ on the customize design page to see the code which needs to be added.

Ok great, i’m using customized design indeed !


I succeed in putting the signature at the end of document (not enough skills to place anywhere else without breaking template ;-))
How can i change the display date as it is in english and want it in french.


I believe you can adjust the format by changing the date/time setting on /settings/localization, you may need to use a format with just numbers though.

Sadly it does not reflect the settings were I already have just numbers.
Actually I’m ok with the setting with french display, but still it display the wrong way

Signé: February 23, 2018 4:29 PM
instead of
Signé: 23 Février 2018 16:29

It could be a bug… I’ll look into it for our next release.