Showing PayNow only to selected clients

I’m New to invoice Ninja and wondered if I’m missing something.
I like the client Portal and have this in my invoice email, however if I switch on the payment options it offers to allow online payments to every client that visits the portal. Most of our clients pay by Bank transfer and we do not pay any fees, but we have a few accounts that would like to pay by Credit card. So my question is, can the option to pay online be done on a client basis rather than globally?


You can either modify the client settings directly or it may be better to create a group with the custom settings applied to which the clients belong to.

Thanks for your comments, I looked to see if the client settings had an option for online payments ON or OFF and I cannot find this option. I then created a group and using the custom settings linked to Stripe. I assumed this would only apply to clients in the new group however everyone whether in the group or not going to the client portal sees the PayNow button. The only solution I can see is not to include the client portal link in the email template, but it’s a shame since the client portal this such a nice feature.

To apply this change I believe you can remove the Stripe gateway on Settings > Online Payment for either the client or the group.

Many thanks for your reply, seems to me you can have selected clients set for Auto Billing, but this does not solve my issue. If a payment gateway is set, anyone can see the PAYNOW in the client portal. As mentioned earlier, I would like the PAYNOW button hidden for the majority of my clients as most are already on a DD subscription, and others pay by Standing Order & Bac’s. I guess what would be ideal for me is to have a check box on the client page - Allow Online Payments.

Have you tried removing the gateway for the client or group? It should accomplish what you want.

Thank you for getting back to me, I’m a little confused, you say, have you tried removing the gateway for the client or group. There is no option I can see that will remove the PayNow button for an individual client, if there is, please let me know where this is. I created a group and setup a payment gateway, although I setup on this group only it still shows the PAYNOW on all accounts in the client portal whether in the new group or not. I should mention I don’t want Auto Billing, only the option to offer online payments to selected clients, and I don’t think this is possible.

On the page Settings > Online Payments if you click “Configure gateways” by default you’ll have the option to reorder the gateways, but if you filter by client or group you’ll be able to remove gateways from the list.

Brilliant, Many thanks for all your Help, I’ve now got a handle on what needs to be done to achieve what I need to do. This is how I did it, you need to setup a new group. Setup the online payments gateway in the new group, (This is the bit I missed - By default this sets online payments across all normal and group accounts). you then delete the online payment gateway in the normal accounts section. Finally in the clients view select the Group from the drop box. When you send the email the link sends you to the client portal and shows the PayNow button. To turn off the PAYNOW link go back to the Clients area and change the Group dropdown back to normal, when the client visits the portal the PayNow is Not displayed anymore. So thank you for your patience, I got there in the end.
One a final note, I’ve used several other invoicing systems and Invoice Ninja is by far the most comprehensive and flexible invoicing software I have used.

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Glad to hear you got it working, thanks for the update!