Show label titles in templates


In the invoice template for client and company details, how can we show the label name itself before the field value? Eg. instead of just the plain VAT number like:


we would like to show:

VAT number: 123456789



In v4 this was possible by setting a custom label for the field you want to show with a label, I’m not sure if it this is implemented yet in v5.

@ben @david do you have any ideas?

Indeed, in v4 that was the default.
By law, we have to identify the VAT numbers of the company + the client preceded with the (label) name “VAT number”.

It depends, where do you want to show this. Can you please let me know about that?

Currently, it’s possible to reference %variable_label% to get the value, eg. $vat_number_label: $vat_number.

Like it was in v4. Preceded with the field label.

VAT: BExxxxxx
instead of

IBAN: BExxxxxxx
instead of

@david can you help with this?

I think if you just append _label to the variable itself, this should give you the label translation.

so $vat_number_label: $vat_number

VAT: BExxxxxx

Indeed, that is possible.
That wouldn’t be a problem anywhere else? I mean, the app does not expect a “clean” VAT number somewhere?

Assuming this is just for the generated PDFs, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

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