Show item taxes


is it possible to show per-item taxes in the invoice?

I need to have a “mixed” invoice, some items contain taxes (VAT 20%), and some not (e.g. travelling fees).
I didn’t find a possibility to show this on the invoice - it only shows the “summed up” amount of taxes at the end.

I don’t need to show each tax sum at each line, it is ok to just show the “title” of the tax, like “USt 20%”.

Is that possible - did I miss a setting?


Have you tried enabling “Enable specifying line item taxes” and “Display line item taxes inline” on /settings/tax_rates

I know it was there somewhere, but I didn’t find it.
And you answer faster than I can think :wink:

Maybe the reason I didn’t find it was that it is a bit hidden - I wouldn’t search for this in the “taxes” category, but unter “invoice_settings”, where all the other “show/hide” settings for invoices (custom fields) are shown.

Because it does not change the way I “enter” taxes or organize them, but how the output, the invoice does look like.

Thanks anyway.

I hear ya… the challenge is using that logic many more settings should be shown on the invoice settings page. It’s already pretty overloaded as it is.