Shipping address on invoice

Is there a simple way to add the shipping address to the existing invoice that’s already built in ninja without creating custom invoices.


There’s an option on Settings > Invoice Design to include the shipping address.

I did see that but there was no tab to change it. So i started click the mouse pointer all over the area and found it. I have a white back ground and the tab was not visible. Lol!! Thank you for your help most appreciated. Is there and easy way to change the back ground from white to black?

Can you please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?

With the naked eye and the grey back ground i don’t see it but with the picture its there if you look really hard.
Maybe they can keep the white back ground but change the grey to black and problem solved. I did noticed if i slowly move my mouse to the location my pointer changes to a finger.

I hope this helps.

@david @ben any thoughts?

I think we’ll need to make a change here to make the toggle stand out more to handle differences in monitor displays.