Several random 500 errors

I want to say firstly what a great product this is. I have enjoyed using it over the last 12 months and I decided to upgrade / migrate to InvoiceNinja 5 and surprisingly, I managed to get it done first round, and even migrated in all the users, two companies, invoices, everything. I did have some challenges with the google setup but even that’s been fixed through the good documentation and forums here.

So, my errors are a bit random, and in testing my email setup, I finally got it to work and upon receiving the test invoice, I found I had uploaded a huge image, and wanted to replace it.

However, I keep getting errors and cannot delete the logo. I’ve tried both companies and unable to do so, and wondered why I keep getting these errors.

Thank you


Are there any details about the error in storage/logs/

Hi thanks for responding - no there is nothing in the logs, only successful things, like the import and the upgrade I did today.

I do use cloudflare for DNS and have switched between proxy and dns only wondering if it was caching. And put into development mode to see if that made a difference.

I thought I could get around this while solving the problem, by uploading another image via ftp but I’d rather work through the issue as it might be the same problems I am experiencing for other things.


@david any thoughts to debug this?

I reckon you need to enable the php setting: allow_url_fopen=1

Thank you - I will try this but I am not an expert in this area - it always makes me nervous changing these files. I’m from the .net world. :wink:


Which file would I find the php setting? in the php.cs file?
I’m not able to save any changes I make to the account in the settings section. Just lots of random 500 errors and nothing in the logs.

I do however have 57 lines of error in the client portal section in the laravel file. That also throws errors.
Thank you for your suggestion. I just don’t know where to apply it to see if it works.

Ok - I downloaded the app and can make the changes on my iPad, so it works of sorts, which will do for now I guess. It would be nice to identify the problems in case others have the same issues.

allow_url_fopen is a php environment setting. There are several different ways of enabling it depending on your hosting arrangement. In some cases you can access the setting in the hosting control panel. Or via .htaccess or in global or specific php.ini file. Your best off asking your hosting provider as they can enable it for you or advise how.

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Hi THANKYOU - I can research that. I back everything up before making changes so if it goes pear shaped, then I can roll it back.

I also found out to run the php artisan optimize option from the control panel using terminal, because it was easier for me.

I’m slowly getting through the issues.

Your response is greatly appreciated.