Several questions to start 2018 :-)

Happy new year to all and especially to our Keymaster !..

2017 is gone and 2018 looks promising with upcoming features to be included :slight_smile:
I really hope Invoice Ninja will continue to improve that way and we will be able to use it for a long time. However, French government makes it difficult to use Open Source software as they ask for unalterable datas on accountancy software to prevent fraud. Are you concerned by this with other countries ? Will you try to catch that kind of obligations ?

So, I have some questions after manipulated Invoice Ninja and continuing to translate with Transifex.

About Invoice Ninja

  • Can you add confirmation popup when leaving a quote/invoice page ? If data are not saved, they are lost without notice…

  • Can you provide a way to be alerted when trying to enter an higher paid amount than the one invoiced ? Actually it automatically creates a customer credit but we are not and don’t want to use customers credit… so any unwanted amount are supposed to be cash back to customers.

  • Can you provide a way to be alerted when trying to enter an higher refund amount than the one that the customer has paid on the invoice ?

  • When entering a payment, the amount should be the one associated when you select the invoice, but if you made an error and select an other invoice from drop menu, the amount is not changed, the old amount stays.

  • Sometimes, customers pay several invoices at once, but Invoice Ninja does not allow (yet ?) to enter a single payment at once. Am I missing it ? Could it be possible to have the possibility to check different unpaid invoices and select a “Pay all at once” function ?

  • Are you planning to improve the way we can create and use credit invoice ? You had an exchange a few month ago… ( What we are missing actually is a way to “pay” an invoice with a credit invoice. I understand it looks like very close to your Credit mod, but it is different, according to the necessity to have a tracking number (however, dispite what ssstofff wrote, it is legal to have invoices and credit invoices mixed, the only obligation is to keep sequential numbers intact, wether they are separate for each kind of documents or mixed together).

About Transifex files

  • I see a “French (France) (fr_FR)” file while we are using the “French (fr)” one.
    Can we just have the good one online and if needed transfer one in the other…

  • Not all existing sentences/words are in the french (and maybe other languages) file. Is it a mistake ? Volunteer ? because it force us to look for the un translated words in Invoice Ninja, then go in the English file to copy-paste the missing string in the French version

Once again, thanks for this tremendous work, and keep going !


Happy new year, thanks for the feedback! We have a lot of great features planned for 2018 :slight_smile:

  • If there are specific changes needed to comply with regulations we’ll do our best to implement them.

  • You should see a “Changes may not be saved” warning.

  • We’ll look into adding this as a .env option.

  • If you enter a larger refund than the payment the app should use the payment amount, we’ll clarify this in the UI.

  • We’ll correct this.

  • It’s possible we’ll add this in the future however our current architecture would make this difficult to implement.

  • Have you tried enabling ‘Credit Number’ on /settings/invoice_settings#credit_number

  • You can ignore it, it won’t appear in the app.

  • If you find specific problems let us know and we’ll try to fix them.

Ok, I’ using Safari on macOS 10.12 and “Changes may not be saved” warning function is not working. Ok with firefox and Chrome.

I did not see the setting /settings/invoice_settings#credit_number, now it’s setup thanks. So all I miss now is the possibility to “pay” an invoice with a credit invoice. This could be done also with the “Pay all at once” function as 1000 invoice - 1000 credit invoice will give a zero due paiement amount… Otherwise we will have to enter a “fake” paiement to close the invoice which is not a clean solution.

Thanks again have a nice day