Setup Process - Keeps restarting - Mysql process

I followed the Ninja 5 Ubuntu 20.04 install manual on a VM for testing. All went well except when trying to finalize the setup process. It keeps on cycling back to the beginning of the setup process after the last step… Everything in the process seems to work (PDF, mail, mysql access) but from I could figure out, the database is not being populated completely. I restarted the process, and I was at 23 tables created after restarting the process already 5 times. Before sending the message I checked again and I am currently at 48 tables. Since the setup process goes back to the first step automatically, how can I figure out when the mysql process is finished and what is the logical next step.

Try to change the URL at the end after. Sometimes it loops back for me so I give it a minute then I delete all except the FQDN or delete cookies and try again.

It only takes a few seconds. If it is not going through, then something else is amiss. Perhaps permissions in the invoiceninja directory. Perhaps run php artisan optimize, or restart nginx.

You may find logs in storage/logs/laravel.log I believe, from the root of the invoiceninja directory. Should be something generated there if you got that far.

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