/settings/online_payments dissapears with multiple companies


I have 3 separate companies in the system, if i want to adjust the online payment settings in the third company the address /settings/online_payments changes to /gateways/create when opening the page.

So i cannot adjust the settings for the online payments in the third company.

If i create company number 4, i stil cannot edit company 3.
Company 1 and 2 have not problems, i can adjust the setting.

If i enter the direct url to …/settings/online_payments it also swithes to …/gateways/create

Can you help me with this?

Kind regards,


Each company’s payment gateway settings are unique, you’re most likely redirect to /gateways/create with the 3rd company because no gateways have been configured.

Hi Hillel,

I have already configured gateways, but it is not accessible anymore. It immedialtely switches to /gateways/create.

So for instance i cannot adjust a gateway that is already setup with a test-api to use the live api, i don’t see/get the settings for the gateway (mollie and paypal)

On the earlier companies it still works…

My version ia 2.6.8 (waiting for softaculous to offer the latest version)

Kind regards,


Understood, v2.6.10 may help with this problem.

You are correct,

On 2.6.10 it works as expected.



Great to hear, thanks for letting us know!