Setting Development Environment for hosted API

We have an enterprise account, and we’re using your API on a daily basis, our problem now is that we need to introduce new features in our software, and this will use other APIs from InvoiceNinja, and we have to test it first.
Our account is now full of production customers and production invoices. It’s very hard to test the new features with the Production invoicing account since the test invoices get numbered with real numbers and get saved with production invoices.

Is there any way to create a development environment in InvoiceNinja so that we have a separate section for development without affecting our production environment?

In other services that we are subscribing to, they normally give us two API keys, one for development and one for production, is there anything similar in InvoiceNinja?
Thank you


One option may be to create a test company in your account, each company has its own API tokens.

Thank you,
I will try it out.