Set HTTPS instead HTTP

I setup Invoice ninja, but in configuration form I didn’t check HTTPS.

How can I change it?

thanks you.


You can manually edit the .env file and then run php artisan optimize


I already did it, I changed http://url to https://url at .env file.

It was working well, after setting up let’s encrypt cert, that force my website to use https , and then it stopped to work pdf previews.

PlatfomException(error Promise was rejected with a value ‘undefined’., null,null)

any idea?

Does the PDF display correctly in the client portal?

Im not using client portal yet, I just use administrative access (full access)

But it was working after migrate to https

I suggest checking if the PDF loads correctly in the client portal.

But I dont know how to access to client portal, it’s enabled.

There are “Client Portal” actions available for clients and invoices