Sending Invoices to clients. What they see

Hello everyone.

This is my first shout-out for help. I have been using v4 for over a year and I have just migrated to v5. So far so good… Many thanks to all of the folks out there that have made the self-hosted version available. I have opted to go to White Label to show my thanks!!!

So here we go…

I have created a test customer (which was brought over from v4) If I send them an invoice they receive the email with no problem. I have opted also to attach the invoice as a PDF to the invoice notification.

When the client gets the email the attachment is there. Good.
There is a link in the email that says ‘View Invoice
When the client clicks this they are sent to the Client Portal. Good. But not for me. I don’t want this…
Is there a way that the client can go straight to viewing the invoice without a Client portal account.?

I see that on the invoice creation there is a link that can be copied and it does just that, but when I send the invoice notification I’d like the ‘View Invoice’ to show the invoice rather than the client login.

Some of my clients are one-time wonders and all they need is the link to go straight to invoice.

Many thanks all and keep up the good work



You may need to disable “Password protect invoices” on Settings > Client Portal > Authorization.

@hillel That was quick… Thank you so much for that… Perfect…

Have a great day