Sending invoice email V5


I’ve downloaded the newest version of Invoice Ninja v5.1.2

When sending the invoice email the customer it doesn’t look anything like the preview and doesn’t have a button to click to make a payment ?


Are you able to post screenshots comparing the two?

Please see below:

Preview in Invoice Ninja:

Email Received from Invoice Ninja:

The banner colour doesn’t even match the preview so not sure what is going on here?

Thanks, @ben any thoughts?


Are there any updates on this as this is still the same?

@ben @hillel

Can anybody confirm if this is an error as this is the only thing stopping me from using V5 right now?

Hey Dylan, this is most likely bug, I agree. At the moment we’re doing some major work with e-mails so I’d expect this to be fixed soon.

@david might have more info for you :+1:

next release this will be improved significantly

I’ve just upgraded to v5.1.7 but the email issues reported above still seems to be unresolved. Do you know if it would have been fixed in this version?

Hey Dylan, it took us more than expected. The fix for e-mails is merged yesterday, so you can expect it to be ok within the next updates, usually a few days. Thanks :+1: