Sending automated emails upon invoice creation

Hi, there,

We sell online products, so that people pay us through Stripe or PayPal. I understand that with Stripe/Paypal integration an invoice will be automatically created once we receive a payment, right?

If this is so, how can it automatically be sent an email to each customer upon each created invoice?

On the other side, if I want to email all the invoices between certain dates, can I do it without having to go one by one? Let’s say I want to send today February invoices to each customer whose payment has generated an invoice. How can I do that?



Our application integrates with Stripe and PayPal. Typically users will create an invoice in our system and then send it to their client.

With our pro plan you could use Zapier to integrate with Stripe, PayPal or possibly the app you use to sell your products to automatically create (and optionally email) invoices to your clients when you receive payments.

We don’t currently support bulk emailing but it’s planned for a future release:

Thanks for your fast answer, Hillel! :slight_smile:

Does it mean that I need to use Zapier to create an invoice from Paypal or Stripe in Invoiceninja? Doesn’t it create an invoice when a payment through Stripe or PayPal is received (I mean without Zapier)?

A while ago I’ve been trying to do this integration through Zapier but PayPal does not recognize the InoviceNinja invoice number… Do you know how to properly set it up in order that all fields are correctly applied?

Thanks again!

Typically the invoice is created first and then the payment is applied to it.

You may need to check that the invoice number is only digits.

So, does it mean it’s not possible to do it the other way, I mean, first receiving payment and then creating invoice through your integration with Stripe and PayPal?

That would require Zapier.

Ok, I could already do it, thanks!