Send invoice remove edit HTML option


I’ve set my invoice email template the way that I want it to look, but when I hit the button to email an invoice, it lets me edit the html going out. Is there a way to remove this option so it always uses the template as-is and doesn’t allow last minute edits to the html?


Sorry, it isn’t supported.

Not sure I understand the request, why not just leave the email as it is?

Just seems like an extra step/click, but I suppose it doesn’t cause an issue. Was just trying to simplify the process of sending invoices. No worries, thank you.


So the request is to send the email without the preview screen?

Yes, just so we can always use the template we set up for this and not let someone override it. Pretty much hit Email invoice, and then have a confirmation, but no option to change the email content/body.

@hillel is it possible to make the preview screen optional?

Make sense, sure… it could be a company setting. ie, preview before sending.